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Amazing Gadgets Created by Biotechnologists Around the World

It is the technology based on biology; Biotechnology is the science upon which all biotechnology applications are based. Today’s biotech is emerging as imperious in the process of future technology development, in fact, biotech is considered the future of technology with its advancements in various markets, encompassing a range and history of procedures to modify biological organisms as per the needs of humanity. With the coming of new approach the traditional biotechnology industries are also exploring the untouched horizons to enable them to improve the quality of their products and also increase the system’s productivity.

Bioengineers are getting closer each year to locate, percept and compose new gadgets such as cell phones and accessories using biotechnology that is futuristic and disciplined. We are using today’s power and precision to design gadgets by thinking about how a particular kind of technology should be shaped into different products, how people/consumers use those products, and how they shape our culture. Biotechnology designers are coming up with new, advanced ways to appreciate how products fit into larger systems, and how well those systems function in society over time. Behind biotechnology’s framework are engineers and designers who are constantly exploring new applications of biotechnology, covering new material, new products, and innovative ways of using living things.

Below, you’ll find a list of gadgets that are invented by nascent bio-engineers and bio-designers in the amplified field of biotechnology. These gadgets are futuristic, convenient and are backed by bio-based elements that make the utilization of some of the most recognized digital gadgets as convenient and bio-friendly as possible. For these innovations, bio-engineers have benefitted from the mobilization of biology and its components to invent gadgets of the future.

CELL PHONE WITH BIO-BATTERIES coke-powered-nokia-phone-side

An eco-friendly concept cellphone exists, China-based designer, Daizi Zheng, introduced a phone that could be powered single-handedly on a sugary drink with the use of bio-batteries that are fully biodegradable and have, on a single charge, a potential life-span for three to four times longer than prevailing lithium batteries. The way this cell phone works is it consists a chemical board that utilizes sugar enzymes and carbohydrates in any sugar-dominated drinks like Coke and converts them into electric power. So, the more sugar content in the drink means the longer the battery life. When the sugar and carbs are exhausted as electric energy, the cell phone is leftover with biodegradable liquid that can be thrown away and the cell phone container can be properly cleaned, refilled and utilized again. The purpose of such a gadget is to create a pollution free environment by taking advantage of biological elements available.



The wearable and solar-powered leaf phone is inspired by photosynthesis by designers JunyiHeo and Seungkyun Woo. It is a solar powered wrist phone that features flexibility in both construction and utilization. Also referred to as the Leaf, it is designed in a way that consumers can wear this technology in the form of a wrist watch and keep the cell phone charged with the installation of solar cells into the front, throughout the day. This solar powered leaf phone can be used for basic functionalities like making a phone call and send and receive messages. Alternatively, there is a solar powered dock that can be utilized to opt for the traditional method of mobile charging. The designer’s main objective is to remind people all over the world that if they want they can truly contribute to the energy efficiency.


Designer, Je-Hyun Kim fabricated a cell phone to last for as long as the length of its functional lifecycle. The Natural Year Phone is conceptualized to run for at least a year resulting in the final step of the phone to biodegrade and the screen and soft keys can be easily recycled and integrated into a new phone. It’s almost surprising and ground breaking to design a cell phone that automatically biodegrades as it reaches the end of its functional life. This biodegradable phone is deemed a great, convenient idea, but with many limitations and weaknesses.


This sleek, thin cell phone concept was invented by designer Aleksandr Mukomelov, it is known as The Mobile Script phone that features advanced functionalities like Internet access, documents, games, messaging, communication, and mobility. It is a mobile phone that promises to do everything under the sun in the thinnest form factor, which means that this cell phone doesn’t require any charging. The case of The Mobile Script is covered in a photo sensitive nano material that converts sunlight into energy. It has the contemporary functions like any other mobile devices, and works just the same. It has two touch screens, one is the long, narrow screen, and the other is a flexible OLED that stiffens with a low voltage charge when you unfold it. This is a brilliant example of combining biotechnology with electric components and mechanics that are popular today. It makes use of biological applications like sunlight to subsist functionalities in the gadget and electronics environment.


The Kyocera EOS is equipped of making simple phone calls, messages, and other normal functionalities just like any other phone. As it is made of semi-rigid polymer skin, you can easily fold it. The skin surrounds the low-energy and flexible OLED display. The shape memory of the phone allows the keys to pop when in use and otherwise blend with the surface during the downtime. It is designed by industrial designer, Susan McKinney, it is a kinetic energy-powered phone that has the ability to fold up like a wallet. This phone gets its energy from the human interaction that means that the more you use the phone and interact on it, the more kinetic energy is converted into an electric charge with the help of a number of tiny piezoelectric generators. The purpose is to use as much kinetic energy, without the use of batteries; thus making complete use of biotechnologies to enhance user experience and keep it eco-friendly.


This is yet another futuristic biotech translated gadget which transforms kinetic energy from motion activities. The Viber Burst Kinetic Charger was devised by Josh Pell to lower one’s ecological footprint. The charger can be placed where there’s greatest frequency of motion like within the laces of your shoe, or bag or in your pocket and the eco friendly cell phone charger derives the energy generated from the movement into an electrical source and contains it until it is transferred through a conventional cord to your mobile phone. This charger harnesses the power of motion to charge any cell phone. Once fully charged, the power can be transferred to your cell phone easily in a matter of seconds. This way, you don’t ever run out of charge and even when you do, you can make use of the kinetic energy charge without any external resources.

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