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Best Christmas Gifts For Him


With Christmas just round the corner you can feel the excitement in the air. It is that time of the year again when you feel the magical aura, smell the delectable food and enjoy the festive atmosphere. It is the time of the year when you can hear ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Let it snow’ on the radio and the songs add to your festive spirit.

But Christmas is not only about festivities, it is also about hosting a party and buy presents for all your loved ones. After all, what is Christmas without our beloved Santa Claus and his huge bag of presents? Undoubted, buying a present for woman is way easier than buying a present for a man. It is fairly easy to make a woman happy by gifting her favorite perfume, a make up kit, jewelry or gift cards. But choosing the right present for men can be trickier. If you have no idea what to buy, go for something useful or technology related. Every man is crazy about new electronic devices and must have gadgets for cars. So this is why, the magnetic phone mount is a great present option. Read below to know why:


Many people use their mobile phones all the time, even in the car. They need them for making phone calls, listening to music, and navigation. But unfortunately, performing any of those actions while driving can be uncomfortable, dangerous and even illegal especially, if you don’t own any phone holders for cars. Everybody knows that manual phone operation is very distractive and it increases the risk of an accident. So if you are living with someone who simply can’t live without a phone, get him a cell phone car mount. It is small and it holds the phone perfectly right by your side and makes your phone reachable while driving.


A lot of cell phone mounts are universal and one model can work for many smartphones and GPS accessories. There are a lot of old school cell phone mounts available in the market. Buying the universal magnetic phone holder is a better choice as it features a magnetic phone stand that you can stick to a car dashboard (or actually wherever you want) and a small magnetic quad that you can stick to the back of your phone. The quad is easily removable from any phone, so you can use it whenever you want.


The cell phone mount is very comfortable. It helps you position the phone in a way you want. The head of the mount panel rotates 360 degrees, so you can find the perfect angle for sticking the phone. The buttons or phone features are easily available and can be reached with only one hand. You can turn your phone in any direction that suits your viewing needs.

Protects the phone

Everything can happen while driving. Using the phone is very distractive; you can drop it on the floor, under your seat or the brake pedal. And this happens a lot when you use an old phone holder. Thus, it is critical to keep your phone in place.

Thus, you must invest in a good magnetic cell phone mount. Prefer buying the phone mount with a rubberized head that works perfectly with the little magnetic disc that you can attach to your phone. It makes your phone extremely stable and the layer of rubber protects the phone from falling or sticking off the mount head. Don’t worry, the phone support is very strong due to the existence of four magnets in the mount’s head, but at the same time it’s very gentle to your phone case. So you don’t have to be worried about any cracks or marks on the phone.


The cell phone car mount is very sleek and elegant. But this gadget is, of course, not about the look. The special design of the magnetic car phone mounts ensures that it works in most cars’ CD players. The panel contains three rubber spaces that are very easy to place wherever you want, both on the windshield and the dashboard. And if you worry about the size of the phone, you actually shouldn’t. The panel has a universal size that provides a right stability for most smartphones in different sizes. Plus, the design lets you travel very easily. It’s small, lightweight and you can take it on your holidays and use it in your rental car to navigate to the new areas and not pay hefty cab bills.

Budget friendly

There are a lot of expensive Christmas gift ideas. But most people spend Christmas on a budget as they have to buy gifts for all their family and friends. So if you prefer to buy something more affordable, but still useful, the cell phone holder is a perfect option. The cheaper options start at around 8 dollars, but these are the simple ones. The magnetic car phone mounts are way better and more comfortable and they don’t cost too much and are comfortably priced at around 15-25 dollars.


Christmas time is a time of deals and great present offers. So if you are in search of good discounts, you can always check the technology stores. They try to attract their customers with extended warranties and deals. It is best to look for the car phone mounts online as there are hundreds of options to choose from. If you check some websites you will certainly find a lot of offers with like free shipping, and good discounts.

All men love practical gifts and appreciate them more if there is thought behind them and make the life easier. And the universal cell phone holder is one such gift that will surely please the men around you as it will make it lot easier for them to use their phones when driving without having to worry about their safety and violating the traffic rules.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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